Friday, July 22, 2011


My brain is a soup.

I always got the feeling when I read IOZ that his was the kind of mind that liberal arts educations are supposed to create or at least encourage. I've known a few people who can sample from so many theories and do so well.

I'm considered well-read by my breathing-same-air friends, but they really have no idea how much there is out there. By most specialists' standards, sure, I'm well-read, but when I come up against somebody who's deeper, my shallowness ahem, stands out.

So there's a little Nietzsche and a little remembered Marx. There's Niebuhr and Guevara and Lenin and Red Rosa and there's Orwell and there's Goldman's critique of authoritarian socialism. I'm a hodge-podge, a melange.

I'm going to try to organize it. I'm going to aim for manifesto and hope I'm just able to string a few thoughts together like I did years ago, before commenting became my primary mode. I've done this before and then I've abandoned it. Maybe I'll abandon it again. But I want to try again.

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