Thursday, August 11, 2011

On the Dawn of Yet More New Democratic Failure

Of course, he's gone and re-posted this himself, but I also must pass on Jack Crow's recommendations for some policies that would have been worth more than the Wisconsin recalls (which is to say worth something):

At the point of work:

1. Wage hikes.

2. Vacation time extensions.

3. Increased health care coverage.

4. Shorter working days.

5. Shorter working weeks.

6. Anything which forces a company to reduce contributions to its profit statement.

Outside of the work place:

1. Larger strike pay funds.

2. Comprehensive child care facilities.

3. Independent and semi-independent food supplies, so that striking workers and their families can eat without fear of starvation.

4. The construction of low rent or no-rent union residences, so that striking workers do not have to calculate the hit to their paychecks as a first step to eviction.

5. A better outreach to women and minorities, by ending "outreach" efforts and agitating for exactly what they want: equal pay.

6. A coherent message which can be simplified to this: It Should Be Easy For Everyone. This conservatarian/bootstrapper ethic which dominates our culture and society has got to be fucking attacked, and mercilessly. Hard work and poverty don't improve character. They break lives.

So basically, people who say they want to help the working class need to stop sending money from the working class to other people who say they want to help the working class. If you want to help people, you fucking help them.


  1. I think it's ludicrous you didn't get any comments to this post.

    And yes, it should be easy for everyone.

    I think that may be why you didn't get comments--most people are either against that or afraid to say it. "It hasn't been easy for ME, so why should it be easy for YOU?" Sad.

  2. It may also be because people have posted at the source. But you point out a nasty bit of resentment in this country. Those who've suffered think others ought to have suffered; those who haven't believe that others could be like them if they merely wished it and worked hard enough. It's sad.