Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The Truth

Thus Spake IOZ:

The problem is in fact not that people need jobs but that people need money, and hobbling them to a desk or factory floor is the only moral and legitimate means of funneling currency into their empty jugs. We need to have fuller employment so that more people are getting paid so that the consumer economy expands ad inf. and repeat as necessary. There are, if you consider it even briefly, a half million or so unexamined assumptions underlying all of this.

I'm a recovering meritocrat, and one thing I need to get over is worship of those with talent. I found comfort in writing while IOZ was gone, and clarity like this is the reason why. I have always admired those who can clearly say what may sound simple and yet evades so many of us.

We live in a sham, and millions know this instinctively while only a few can say it, let alone say it well.

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