Tuesday, November 15, 2011

And as far as the elephant...

Other people are remarking about the police crackdown on the Occupy bunch.

I wish I had something to say.

I wish I had something to say about violence here, violence abroad. God, if I wanted to say something about Iraq right now, I don't really think I could. It'd be a scream. I can barely type about that shit.

Maybe when it comes to this kind of thing, which really saddens me, even as it is no surprise, I can summon nothing new to say.

We work for a nation that has no borders, which claims all of us as our subjects and none of us as citizens. You can be sitting in a hut somewhere, minding your own business, and the powers will fucking destroy you if it pleases them, let alone if it serves them. And so yeah, some people making noise and trying to communicate in a handful of parks and squares around the country are getting treated like strikers and suffragists and God knows how many others. They should acknowledge their privilege; they could be treated like Injuns and Others and A-rabs. But the truncheon isn't falling on me, so that kind of perspective is meaningless. The fact is that it's not humanitarianism that makes live fire slightly less likely; it's PR.

You work for murderers. So do I. Thugs and murderers and cheats and liars. If you live by proving your worth to others, they live on making us prove our worth. It's exactly as fucked up as that. It's exactly as fair as that.

That's all I have to say. Everything else is noise.


  1. Objectively noise, or just noise to you?

  2. The crackdown is actually very good news, for the movement, so long as they return.

  3. DPirate, we'll see. I think America believes that you riot in order to protect pedo-loving football authorities.

    And Jack, I should have said "Anything else would be noise." For me, to talk more about the OWS incident when I know so little would be noise. I don't want to add to the ignorance of the world more than I already do. :)

  4. If you're the nation that commits war crimes, and then let's the war criminals walk, tortures and then lets the torturers walk, all scotfree,their careers advancing into cushy corporate and "philanthropic" sinecures, well...those chickens will come home to roost. However "pragmatic" your "progressive" leaders tell you it is to let the rich and powerful get away with being war criminals and terrorists. But damn, step into the street during a protest and the gassing and the beating is immediate. And those that gladly let the war criminals and torturers walk scotfree wag the finger of shame and blame at you for your criminal activity of stepping into the street.