Friday, July 29, 2011

On What Do We Depend?

It is a very unpleasant thought that billions of people in our world depend on nothing more than the desire for prestige and marginal increase in income on the part of those more powerful.

We may scoff at the voter, scoff at the industrially-entangled, scoff at the common idiot citizen, but when it comes down to this whole performance, this whole debt ceiling rot, I find it absolutely sorrowful and shameful to ask "What are they fighting for?"

These are people who are probably set for life. Every one of them can survive even the worst outcomes of the crisis. So what are the stakes for them? Re-election. The income that brings. The pride of winning. Talking engagements? Book deals? A television show or five?

And out of a fraction of their profit, how many of us are made to make our lives?


  1. Far too many! The numbers are on our side; the myths and weaponry and institutions of control on theirs. What they have, they have by accession and deference. It can be toppled.

  2. I like your spirit. More thoughts on next steps lie ahead.