Tuesday, October 4, 2011

In Lieu of a "Real Post"

If you're looking for a book about power in basic form, I imagine you could do far, far worse than King Rat, by James Clavell.


  1. I'm partial to Lord of the Flies ... or its gender-enantiomer, John Dollar.

  2. To my shame, I haven't even read LotF. Hadn't heard of JD, but now that I have I'm intrigued.

  3. Based on what I've read by him, Clavell's kinda wordy but not a bad way to waste time.

    When John Dollar was published, a lot of people I know said Marianne Wiggins ripped off William Golding. Seems to me she just put a different spin on his tale. In any case it's recommended to all feminists, especially the reflexive knee-jerk blamers (Shake-a-Puddin', for example) since it's written by a woman and describes heinous behavior by a fleet of schoolgirls toward the lone male character in the story. Certainly something to think about, since it doesn't paint the women or girls as evil, nor the man as wronged nobleman. Nearest thing to it I can think of isn't really Lord of the Flies, but the movie starring Clint Eastwood called The Beguiled.