Friday, November 16, 2012

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"An" Alleg"ed" "Person" with a Supposed "Computer," Editor at Large,
Anarchurious Institute for Subverting the True Doctrine and Advancing Crypto-Liberalism



  2. Interesting posted link, nonny.

    I wanted to leave this:

    and remind Brian M that anarchism is scary and will definitely result in all femmes being teased and mocked by the men those femmes actually would prefer be fucking them in the ass.

    Poor Brian, teased by the boys he wishes would fuck his ass.

  3. Also, poor "Cuneyt" a/k/a Fake Turk a/k/a Sink Odor's Little Cousin.

    So bored with his sexual confusion status that he had to fabricate a marriage to a wife he didn't have, and imagine children that imaginary wife never bore nor birthed, and use these fictional domestic situations as justification to say he was "skeptical about" anarchism because it sure looks like anarchism wants to see women murdered and gay men teased and mocked. In fact, it looks a lot like that's precisely what anarchists actually want, which would prove that anarchists actually are misogynist closeted gay men who need to be true to the sexual urges they pretend they don't harbor.

    I think Jack Crow said it best when he accused people he didn't even know of harboring "rape fantasies." That's a winner right there! It is a great thumbnail sketch for The Kind, in all its dimensions.

  4. We promise more submissions anon.

    ("anon" is how you Salon-heads like to say "later" pretentiously with pure fop and pristine dandyism)

  5. Like Dougie "Fresh" McArthur, I return bearing gifts of inexplicable value for the peasants whose lands I just destroyed.


    One who believes that they are [sic] truly intelligent, but isn't.

    Found largely in college campuses, these people immerse themselves in a certain subject - may it be politics, philosophy, physics, etc - and spend a great deal of their lives memorizing as much as they can about it. In an attempt to prove to the world that they are gifted in the subject area, they talk in-depth about even the smallest facet of the subject, to anybody in earshot who's too polite to stop them; they tend to spin the conversation to do so.

    To a temporary acquaintance, this technique usually works, and the listener parts with a feeling that the "expert" is intelligent. Spend time with this person, or perhaps know a little about what they're talking about, and you realize it is all just facts given in verbatim by others who are more intelligent than they could ever hope to be.

    A sad thing, really, as those who do it have little else to be proud of, and define themselves by their "intelligence". As such, they will always seek validation for their efforts, but it is important not to call them on this. Instead, simply avoid the person... that is, unless you can't help yourself.

    Jack and Sarah: "Oh, hey Jim! How's it going?"

    Jim: "Great! I just finished reading an introductory book on string theory! It was a little bit below my reading level, to be honest, but a good read nonetheless! You see, what it has to do with is..."

    *5 minutes later*

    Jim: "...and that's the basic idea behind string theory! Problematic, yet with the potential to explain everything, eh? I'm really excited for the future!"

    Sarah: "Wow! I don't understand that! You're smart!"

    Jim: *gushes*

    Jack: "Well, talk to you later, Jim."

    Jack, under breath: "Fucking pseudointellectual..."

    A great example, but the names Jack and Jim should be reversed, and Jack should be given the surname "Crow."

    It is rumored that "Jack" has a black dog which he "ironically" named "Red." We all laugh right along with his grand ironical humor, so that he will not slip into yet another spiral of suicidal ideation.

  6. We aim for generosity.

    Remember, if you gather round the campfire and hold hands while singing The Song of Misandrous Gender Confusion, you are probably pseudo-intellectuals, and campy ones at that.

  7. Oxtrot is a bore. Shouldnt you be getting back to your rape snuff porn auto-asphyxiation, Oxy? Fucking tool.

  8. Oxtrot, your Cassandra persona from Villainous Company (is that the real Oxtrot?) seems more open to dialogue than some of your more recent pseudonyms. Why don't you comment here using that persona?

  9. He's so immersed in his "in-character" study, that he does not quite get this post.

    Cloaked or not, one might wonder why he spends so much time in these corners of the web projecting latent homosexuality onto almost all those he accuses of being the same guy. I suspect he's a real pussycat, if you know what I mean.

    Sincerely yours,
    Projection of the Internet

  10. Oxtrot...only if a real MANLY MAN UBERMAN like yourself is engaging in said sexual violence. We all get so moist at the transgwessiveness of your posts! Carry on, you webel you.