Wednesday, February 20, 2013


I think I'd listen to capitalism advocates a lot more if they could acknowledge that the faction advocating relatively unfettered flow of wealth won the great conflict in human history.

But I'm digging the bumper sticker, Galt fans.  I guess I need to say I'm a Robin Hoodist and expect people to take me very, very seriously.


  1. That's the essential capture from Rand. She picks the right enemy. Or identifies, with that enemy, exactly who she favors. For all that she prattled on and on and on about the evil of the state, her emotional template obligated her to re-create it in her inner circle, and choose as her ideological enemy a clear-cut Anglo-Saxon adversary of not only royal power, but the sanctity of property.

  2. Hey Man, hope you and yours are well and OK.....

  3. Cuneyt---

    Ayn Rand is just a more muscular and secular version of the post hoc, self-congratulatory rationalizations of the Gospel of Wealth or Rolex-Christian "exceeding abundantly" worldviews. Rand's into body-worship inside and out.

    The best "capitalism advocates" acknowledge that capitalism is but the least of various evils. Its concomitant injustices and inequalities are inevitable and undeniable, but compared with other options capitalism nonetheless results in the most freedom and the most opportunity for the most people.