Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Overly Broad Condemnation

I hate dualistic thinking. I am aware of how middle school that sounds. I know that it's been said a lot, and usually with the amusingly absolute tone of "No Dualism!"

I guess some things have dualities and some do not. I am tired of political and interpersonal dualism. I am tired of moral dualism being taken for a decisive factor.

I listen to commenters and the moment they see an ultimate battle between weak and strong, good and evil, or even good and bad, that will either settle everything forever or for a while, I know I must let this go and get the hell out of there.

The world's too complex. The winners dispute, the losers grow numerous, the weak find power, the undefeated die.

We murder unknown brothers in war. We sleep with others, forgetting their essential strangeness.

Perhaps the especially kind will recognize in themselves an inhumanity whose match is found in monsters.

And all that I say merely points out the impurity in duality. The fact is that things are far more ornate, ornate to a degree which I find myself currently powerless to illustrate.

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  1. the bit about the especially kind monsters, yes. dualism is so b.c...