Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Where Others' Power, Addendum

This is what I get for posting when drunk. Again.

When I get some business taken care of, I want to try again to say something about the self-sacrificial, self-censoring, self-concealing shit that people do "for" others, or more accurately with them. I'm sure there's all kind of articulation about influence that covers this, but I'll reinvent the wheel as I usually do. After all, I know that other men have made chairs and written books about love, but that doesn't mean I can't take up furniture-making and creative writing. I do not believe I need to become alienated from philosophy any further.

Motherfucker, does man need a cell phone? This one has made a life in which he does, so I'm gone to lash myself to a different company and then I'll make financial amends to the state which currently holds me on a probationary list, the members of which are subject to further coercive measures. Simple!

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