Thursday, September 1, 2011

Insult to Injury

The Kurds have suffered greatly in Iraq. There, as in Turkey, they have suffered depredation and abuse for a hundred years. They have been poisoned, they have been shot, they have been kidnapped, they have been raped. They have been beaten, they have been robbed, they have been chiseled, imprisoned, and invaded. They have been rounded up and driven out. They have had their villages assaulted, seized, burned, and brought to the ground.

They have suffered greatly, the Iraqi Kurds.

And they have been supported by a foreign army. They have earned a new autonomy, made powerful friends with their newfound wealth; the earth of Kurdistan, so long saturated with blood, is also rich in oil. It would seem that the people (or at least the majority people) of Kurdistan face a further injustice; the fate that follows when the foreign army leaves. It would seem so but for one, far greater outrage: the simple fact that it was never about them.

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