Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Obama: Expert!

You can't be Kennedy without some well-chosen words for Latin America, specifically Cuber:

Recent changes in Cuba have not been "aggressive enough" to open its economy or reform its political system, US President Barack Obama has said.

Mr Obama, speaking to Spanish-language correspondents in Washington, said Cuba remained a "throwback" to the 1960s....

President Obama said the Cuban authorities had indicated they wanted to make changes to allow businesses to operate more freely.

But, he said, there was no evidence that they had been sufficiently aggressive in doing this.

"And they certainly have not been aggressive enough when it comes to liberating political prisoners and giving people the opportunity to speak their minds", Mr Obama said.

Provide your own punchline. Yes, Mr. Obama, they should be more aggressive about liberating political prisoners in Cuba. Yes, they should be working on their economy and political reform...

Look, I certainly prefer living in America because of the status I hold here, but you know, when I look at Cuban unemployment, hunger, and abuse, I can't help but feel that it's small stuff compared to us. What person in their right mind would listen to President fucking Obama about successful reform? The guy makes Jimmy Carter 1980 look like Jimmy Carter 2010.

Of course, and it's not just because he's an empty suit, shades of Obama are always to be found when discussing clumsy attempts at reform. Were I him, I wouldn't rush to have my name associated with the subject.


  1. I'm sorta curious how someone as young as you knows anything about Carter in 1980.

  2. It's history to me. I've read Perrin's discussions on the subject, and I know Carter's foreign policy rather well as a result of the readin's.

    Oh, and once I found an unopened can of Billy Beer in my grandparents' pantry. This was in the early 2000s. ::shudder::

  3. I'm pretty sure unopened is all it ever was.

    liberating political prisoners in Cuba
    That's rich. Dunno if there's a better punch-line to be had from it, but not being sufficiently aggressive in allowing businesses to operate more freely sounds a little United Fruity for my comfort.

  4. It's happened before, after all.

    Grant should've made them a state. I mean, it would've been wrong, but it would have made history more interesting.